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4 Surprising Daily Habits That Can Lower Your Sperm Count


If you are planning to start a family, the condition of your swimmers could leave you and your partner disappointed. You might be sexually satisfying your mate however, due to unhealthy or low sperm count; its ability to swim towards an egg gets affected. You must have never realized that many daily habits and activities could be sperm killers. Did you know that a trip to a grocery store could actually be the cause of your low sperm count? Here are some more causes you might not have heard about.

Daily Habits That Can Lower Your Sperm Count

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Heated Car Seats

During cold climates, it must be making you feel good but this between the legs toastiness comes with a price- reduced sperm count. Whether it’s heating pads, hot car seats, or prolonged time in hot tubs, it increases testicular temperature enough to drop off sperm production.


How many times a day do you slip a cash register receipt into your hand? At the atm’s, fuel stations, movie time, and more. The transactions are certainly endless. However, it might surprise you that almost 40 percent of these receipts are smeared with BPA (bisphenol A)-a hormone-disrupting chemical known to cause fertility issues and heart diseases. Though there is no direct link between handling receipts and reduced fertility, a study published in journal Fertility and Sterility reported that higher BPA levels in men’s urine results in low sperm count. Why take a chance?

Sex Toys

It might be helping you to take the pleasure to the next level but these vinyl based sex toys are contributing to the death of your sperms. They contain phthalates, which not only causes infertility in men but are also linked to serious issues like allergies, cancer, and birth defects.

Canned Food

If you are heavily dependent on canned food just because it is convenient, think again! According to researchers, food packaging is one of the main sources of BPA contamination. Almost all these food metal cans are layered with BPA resin, which easily finds its way into the food. And you already know that higher the BPA, lower the sperm count.

While these are some of the common reasons for reduced sperm count, a little careful attitude can help you overcome the odds.

Moral of the story is that sperm is precious and can be endangered.

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