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Green Sex: 5 Naughty Ways to Help the Planet

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Green sex

Who says going green has to be boring? If you are an environment conscious person and love to make green changes to the way your live, it’s time for green sex. Boast your libido and green your regime with these simple and seductive tips for greener lovemaking sessions.

Green sex

Turn Off The Lights

Not only doing it in the dark is more intimate, it’s also good for the environment. If you really want some light, set the mood with candles. Choose the ones that are made from eco-friendly materials, such as, beeswax, palm oil, or soy. Candles made locally would be the greenest option as it eliminates the additional fuel required for shipping.

Organic Toys

Adult toys are a huge business. It is estimated that worldwide sales are more than $15 billion per year. But this big business has a big secret: the safety of the toys is not given much consideration. Most sex toys are vinyl based and contain phthalates which are linked to serious issues like, cancer, birth defects, and allergies. For all the men out there it also contributes to the death of your sperms.

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So, don’t get turned on by toxins. Instead, opt in for green toys made from natural materials or medical grade silicone. Use glass based toys, whip made from recycled rubber, or a wooden spoon.

Green Lingerie

Or black, white, or red, the color really does not matter as long as it is made from sustainable materials such as soy, organic cotton, or hemp. Trust us; the natural ones are sexy enough as they feel just like a second skin.

Organic Aphrodisiacs

If you like to rev up your sex drive with chocolates, try the organic ones. They are not only delicious but also favor green sex. Rest is up to you, whether you want to eat them out of the wrapper or off of your partner!

Vegan Protection

Safe sex aside, switch to vegan condoms and do your bit. The ones that you find in the grocery stores contain milk protein casein. Whereas, vegan condoms are free from animal proteins or byproducts.

If you do not want to hurt anything else other than the person you are with, choose to have green sex. After all, size does matter: The smaller your carbon footprint, the better!

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