Anchal Bhatia-blogger ,writer, and a creative entrepreneur. After graduating in English from Delhi University, she started working in the corporate sector. Soon she realized her dreams and made her way to the path of entrepreneurship. Her educational background and love for all things good has led her to blog and write on various lifestyle related topics.

Sunset Talks– Anchal’s personal blog started in February 2013. Here, she strives to better relationships and help people around the world live happy, healthier lives. By the means of her write-ups, she wants and hopes to inspire and uplift people. Occasionally, Sunset Talks gives Guest Bloggers a chance to share ideas, reviews, and services on universal topics such as relationships, sex, love, dating, health, fitness, travel, beauty, green living, food, drinks and more. Sunset Talks has given exposure to budding writers and bloggers, and helped readers receive fresh information regularly.

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Apart from scribbling on her personal blog, Anchal has written articles for several online blogs and magazines such as, Instamedia Networks, Stagetecture, HBCU Lifetstyle, Times of India, Bollywood Shaadis, Women’sWeb, and more.

If any of her write-ups makes you happy, relaxed, confused, curious, angry or any other emotion pops up, feel free to add it through comments. She promises to keep the conversation going!!!

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