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Female Fantasy- Secrets in Her Mind


If you think that women don’t fantasize about very naughty things, think again. Women love to daydream about the sauciest of fantasies. In fact, you would be surprised to know that many women desire to do much more than just fantasize. Yes, they hope that their men will put some of their sexual fantasies into practice. But, what do they fantasize about? Let’s uncover the secrets in her mind.

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Sex With a Stranger

Being taken by an unknown male or in simple terms a one-night stand is one of the most popular female fantasies. Though women may cringe when a stranger touches them, they do fancy it inside their heads. The rationale of this female fantasy is that they can let themselves completely lose with a stranger without having to worry about what their man might think. Moreover, while making love within the context of monogamy can be really hot, it’s often difficult to replicate the intensity of the initial chase.

Being Sexually Ravaged

Popularly known as the rape fantasy, many women like to dream about a man who rips her clothes off and ravages her. This type of fantasy allows a woman to be sexual without being responsible of her actions. However, for all the men out there, don’t ever try doing this in reality, as she would snip off your ding dong even before you can get close to her. But, a woman would love being ravaged by her own man, of course, except the ripping of her expensive clothes.


Having sex in public is another popular female fantasy. Many women desire about having an audience while making love to her partner. Such a fantasy allows a woman to feel empowered simply by knowing that someone else is also getting aroused when watching her in action.

Incest or Inappropriate Partners

While incest (Sexual activity between family members or close relatives) is one of the biggest taboos in our society, it still forms a part of women’s sexual fantasies. Visualizing sex with siblings or close relatives is completely normal and do not have any bearing on real life. Since our fantasies are mostly formed when we are young, sexual experiences during early ages often become the bases of adult fantasies.


Why should boys have all the fun? Well, not just men, women also fantasize about having sex with two (or more) partners at a time. There’s really something exciting about just sitting back and being overwhelmed by male attention. Being adored and sexually worshipped by two men at the same time can be a real turn on for any woman.

Although considered a taboo, sexual fantasies are completely normal, healthy, and, essential part of our sexuality. People may joke that men mostly have only one thing on their minds, but they really aren’t the only ones with sex on the brain. Women are equal partners.

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