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Finger Licking Healthy Food in Delhi

Healthy food in Delhi

Fat free means healthy and healthy food is bland. These two are the biggest myths that Delhi restaurants have been dishing out for quite some time now. But not anymore.

Healthy food in Delhi

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With the growing demand of foodies who love nutritious meals, they are on the verge of breaking these myths as they experiment with new ingredients and combinations. Their menu that now mentions calories in front of dishes and specify grams of fibre and proteins are evolving. And yes, no longer healthy salad means some veggies thrown together without dressings or a healthy sandwich equals to boring vegetables stuffed in whole wheat bread. New and existing food joints are giving even the regular junk a healthy spin. So, if you are on the lookout for some healthy food in Delhi, there are a couple of options to explore.

Nutritious Nation

As the name suggests, the restaurant offers nutritious, healthy meals. It boasts of serving healthy burgers, desserts, and smoothies. While it’s not one of a kind, it certainly has its unique selling point as here the menu specifies every dish’s fat content and health benefits.

Lean Chef

Located in the same Greater Kailash II market as Nutritious Nation, Lean Chef is a mostly take-out place that offers 300 kcal pizzas, 200 kcal steamed burgers, smoothies, desserts, gluten-free breads and all other kinds of healthy meals – and most importantly, yummy meals. Their menu is calorie-counted and quite elaborate, including special breakfast for diabetics, pre and post work out smoothies, protein pancakes, whole wheat wraps and more.

Salad Chef

Perhaps, the first standalone salad bars in Delhi, Salad Chef was originally set up in 1993. While its flagship outlet at Vasant Vihar is primarily a takeaway joint, those who want to sit and enjoy the freshly made salads and sandwiches, there are few tables on the pavement outside. As the name suggests, the highlight of the restaurant is salads. The array includes appetizer salads, main course salads, and even some salad grilled sandwiches.

Pita Pit

Popular Canadian QSR Chain, Pita Pit describes themselves as a healthy quick serve chain which encourages healthy eating. In Delhi, NCR, they have three outlets that serve a combination of veggies, unlimited chunks of pineapple, exotic salad leaves, choice of grated cheese, falafel or chicken caeser in pita bread. In short, it is a destination for those who love to eat a balanced diet with a mix of greens and meat, and like to witness the pita bread being steamed while the grill sizzles just a few feet away.

Overall, when it comes to healthy and light food in Delhi, the choices are many. However, be warned against eating anything and everything being served in the grab of ‘healthy food’. Just because a dish is low in fat doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Many marked as guilt-free indulgences might contain artificial preservatives that are in no way nutritious.

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