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Five Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life


Your honeymoon period may be behind you, but your sex life doesn’t have to be. With many aspects of a relationship, consistency is crucial. However with your love life, it’s the exact opposite.

Five Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

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If you strive to keep your sex life spontaneous and exciting you can ditch any feelings of routine and boredom.

You may find keeping your relationship fresh is hard work, but you’ll find the perks that follow are more than worth the effort.


Sex is a form of exercise but it shouldn’t be your only form of exercise. By adding cardiovascular workouts to your daily routine, you can boost your blood circulation, this heightening your mood by upping those feel-good endorphins.

What’s more, this increased blood circulation can provide an additional benefit to the men. Harvard School of Public Health found in their research that men who exercised vigorously for 20-30 minutes a day were half as likely to have an issue with getting an erection as those who didn’t. Staying fit will heighten your stamina, flexibility and enthusiasm in the bedroom.

Oil Up

An old-school technique but nonetheless, a good one. Oil can be a great lubricant in sex whilst also being an aphrodisiac. In particular Ylang Ylang essential oil can be a good oil to use; it increases your libido and acts as a relaxant, perfect for couples who might not have been intimate for a length of time.

Although, it’s important to consider which oil you do use. Ylang Ylang can be a great choice but try to stay away from oil if you’re using condoms for protection as it’s been known to degrade the latex.

Be Adventurous

Routine can be necessary, but it can also be painfully dull. This applies even more so to your sex life. Without spontaneity sex can become more of a chore than an activity you enjoy as a couple.  Even if you do still partake in sex regularly.

By varying positions during sex you can quickly spice up your sex life. The standard missionary position may feel comfortable and familiar, but that doesn’t make it any more exciting. Trust your partner and try to pick some new positions you want to try. Experiment together.

Go To New Places

There is nothing more exciting that taking your love life to territory unknown. Having sex in your own love nest can be pleasant but there’s limited potential there. With the addition of a new location, maybe even a risky one, the levels of exhilaration will be sure to rise.

Even if you just move to the sofa as opposed to the bed, any physical changes made will have a positive effect. If you do try a new place and don’t like it – there are plenty more to test out!

Role Play

Many individuals have a sex fantasy or scenario that they choose to conceal from their partner. It could be that you are too embarrassed or too afraid to tell your partner, but relationships are all about trust. The odds are they would probably be willing to give it a go, if they knew you wanted to.

Whether it’s dress up, bondage or something a little more theatrical, role play can provide a great temporary solace from the more mundane aspects of your life. By having a go, you and your partner can have some fun trying out new things and draw closer to each other.

Sex can be a rather embarrassing topic to discuss at times, especially with your partner. But when you do decide to take a few risks in your sex life, you can find that your relationship as a whole benefits because of it.

And with Viagra set to get cheaper, any fear of underperformance or embarrassment can be reduced. Bring the excitement and mystery of the honeymoon period back into your relationship. By rekindling the passion, you can strengthen the love between you as a couple.

Have you and your partner found any other adventurous alternatives to spice up your love life? Share in the comments below.

Author Bio: Grace, a writer for GKBC, has recently finished her second year at university. She is a passionate person who loves trying new things!

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