Guest Blogger

Whether you are looking for more exposure, back links, credibility, networking opportunities, bigger following on social media accounts, or all of the above, guest blogging is a worthwhile marketing strategy. Even though it takes dedication to consistently produce great posts, the many benefits outweigh the time investment.

 How to be a guest blogger on Sunset Talks

Image credit: Ed Yourdon


  • Topics should be related to the following categories: (These are just suggestions, pitch me another idea if you have one)

Relationships│Weddings│Honeymoons│Health│Beauty│Fitness│Green Living│Dating│Love

  • The content should be original (should not be published on any other site)
  • All articles submitted will be checked on
  • Blog post should be between 400-500 words
  • Submit a short author bio. You can include 1-2 links to your website or product. (No affiliate links)

Fill out the contact form and title it “Guest Blogger” to express interest.