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Inexpensive Anniversary Gifts for Her

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It’s that time of the year again when you know your sweetheart is expecting surprises from you-  your anniversary. Although, your love for her may have no limits, your budget for buying anniversary gifts might. But, the good news is a little extra effort, and sense of romance can help you get that perfect gift without spending a fortune. Here are some amazing gift ideas for your ladylove that are inexpensive without being cheap.

Anniversary Gifts for her

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Pieces of Jewelry

Jewelry does not have to expensive but thoughtful. Take some time to think before you pick this anniversary gift for her. If she has bought a new dress recently, consider buying a pair of matching earrings or a bracelet. In case, you don’t know much about jewelry, try consulting her girlfriends. Find something that she will love, but is affordable. Trust me; your wife will enjoy a gift that you truly thought about instead of something that costed you a fortune.

Spa Treatment

To add that extra zing to your relationship, I recommend booking a couple spa treatment for your anniversary day. Don’t worry about the affordability factor, there are many budget-friendly spa centers out there.

If you want to go a step forward, try giving your wife a spa treatment at home. You can do many things for her. Give her a massage or a hot aromatherapy bath. For that sensual experience, use stimulating oils such as orange, lavender, or sandalwood.

A Kinky Treat

Just like your wedding night, do you want to see your sweetheart wearing something sexy in bed? Then leave a beautifully wrapped lingerie gift on bed to surprise her. The moment she opens it, she will know what you want for the dessert tonight.

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I know most men find it intimidating to visit a lingerie store. But, don’t fret. You can easily shop for it online. The plus point is you can search for various discount coupons. For instance, I am based in India, so I use this website called Cupo Nation. Here i get the best deals from the most trusted online retailers in India. All I have to do is, find a deal of my choice, click on it and the discount automatically appears in the billing section.

From a woman’s perspective, I can say, extravagant gifts are awesome, but showing that you had put extra thoughts into a gift definitely scores more. So, don’t break your bank to make her feel special. Just get a little creative and show that you care.

Do share your ideas for budget anniversary gifts through comments.

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Anchal Bhatia
An animal lover! Anchal is a blogger, writer, and a creative entrepreneur. After graduating in English from Delhi University, she dabbled briefly into the corporate sector. Soon she realized that entrepreneurship was her true calling and started her own network of blogs. Just like her if you are crazy about all things wedding or looking to plan one that’s beyond ordinary; you can visit her personal wedding blog for inspiration.
  • Dhruv Bhagat

    Hi Anchal,

    I think spa or a lingerie gift will not be a good option! I am not married.. I am just looking a gift for my girlfriend.. She will surely the jewelry… But can you tell me any other gift that girls love?

    I am looking forward for a surprise date!

    Thanks! :)

    • Anchal Bhatia

      Hi Dhruv..firstly congratulations on your relationship anniversary. If you can’t opt in for a couple spa, you can always present her with individual spa vouchers which she can use to pamper herself. Alternatively, like most men if you are unsure about the gift, gift vouchers for online shopping will be great. This way you give her the freedom to buy whatever she likes. And if your budget allows, i suggest take her for shopping. Any girl will freak out on this. Do let us know finally what was your decision.

      All the best!