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Male Fantasy-Keep Things Interesting in Bed


It is believed that male fantasies are often a result of sexual awakenings experienced during early years. They are generally very unique and specific. As it is mostly difficult for the other partner to understand, revealing their deepest desires to their significant other becomes quite unthinkable for men. They mostly live their fantasies within their heads but always crave for a woman who can find a way in. So, to help you better your relationship, we have listed a few common male fantasies that will surely make him go tight in his pants!

male fantasies


As men are known to be highly visual creatures, you will not be surprised to know that role-playing game is an ultimate male fantasy. Airhostesses, naughty nurses, school girls, and hot secretaries are among the most popular themes of role-playing. If you are wondering how to arouse your man, dress up in one of these outfits and you will turn him on even before he gets into the bed.


Ladies, it may not sound that pleasing to you, but it’s true; almost all men fantasize about getting intimate with more than one woman at the same time. But don’t fret, most likely it will remain just a fantasy, of course unless you approve of it! Even though your man may stick to you only, it is highly possible that he fantasizes about other women. Fantasizing a threesome act is more a sign of his virility, than a signal of his lust.

Losing up control or domination

Though we live in a society where men are often expected to take the charge, you will be surprised to know that many men fantasize about losing up the sexual control to a woman. They like to be submissive and often desire being lazy in bed or being ravished by a woman.

On the flip side, having complete sexual control is one of the most popular male fantasies. Allow your man to tie you with silk ribbons or handcuffs and just enjoy whatever he does. However, be sure that he is trustworthy as you will be completely under his control.

Changing locations

Most men dream about getting intimate in different parts of the house. And if they are high on imagination, they can drift away from a tropical beach to the hood of the car, an open terrace to a crowded club. The world is certainly his oyster, when it comes to making love in specific places.

Older women

Getting intimate with older women often excites men. While, for some it is a matter of taste for others it is a matter of want. It is not new for a teenager to fantasize about a woman in late twenties or thirties or a fifty-year-old man to fantasize about a sixty-year-old female. Men mostly desire for women who are off-limits and older women are usually the one!

If you find out that your man has one of these fantasies, do not get insecure. It is important for you to understand that fantasies are completely normal. After all women do have many. Don’t’ we? Read: Female Fantasy-Secrets in Her Mind

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