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Most Common Mistakes Women Make in Bed

Mistakes women make in bedroom

For long, suggestions on how to improve a couple’s sex life has been one sided. Men tend to get a bad reputation when sexual satisfaction starts to wane. They are often blamed for not being able to understand women’s body or what turns them on. For sure, men have their fair share of bedroom errors but as they say, it takes two to tango; women too commit several bedroom mistakes that tend to kill their sexual pleasure.

Mistakes women make in bedroom

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But ladies, don’t worry we have got you covered, here are the top 5 mistakes women make in bed:

Not Taking The Lead

Don’t wait to be asked to dance. Get involved and take the lead. Failing to initiate sex is one of the biggest mistakes women make in bed. Just remember that men don’t necessarily have to run the show all the time. In fact, they want to be seduced by their partners just as much as women do.

Believing He Is Always Game For it

Contrary to the most common sexual belief, the fact is that men don’t get hard at the drop of a hat. The pressures of everyday life do make them tired and stressed. There are times when they are not in the mood and are more interested in hugging and cuddling. So, respect the fact that just because you are willing to make love, does not mean that your man is up for the session too.

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Overlooking Your Hygiene

Surprisingly, many women make this mistake of not taking care of their hygiene during lovemaking. And bad hygiene is one of the biggest sexual turn offs for men. Come on ladies, is it so tough? You don’t have to scrub you skin until it glistens, instead simply following basic hygiene rules and grooming habits will do the trick. Just shave, shower, and, lotion yourself up to see your man going tight in his pants!

Unwilling To Experiment

Are you willing to have same meal night after night? No? Then same goes for your sex life too. Remember just because your partner wants to try something new such as a different position or is willing to change locations does not mean that he is unhappy with your performance. Learn to get comfortable out of your comfort zone. Who know, you might just discover new pleasures!


This one has to be avoided at all costs. Criticizing about your man’s endurance level or technique is perhaps the biggest turn off for him. Instead, let you man know how he can please you. Don’t expect him to read your mind. Consider sharing your sexual desires and give him gentle but clear directions. Trust me, your man is willing to please you, you just need to guide him how.

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