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Painful pleasure: Love is a Battlefield With These Sex Injuries


Lovemaking like any other physical activity comes with a risk of injuries. While most of them do not require a trip to the doctor, getting hurt in the heat of passion is quite common but seldom discussed. According to a survey, every year about 33% people get injured while making love. Here is a display of 10 most common sex injuries followed by some real stories on record.

Most common sex injuries

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Contraception Consumption

Surprisingly safe sex is not as safe as you might think. It is reported that many women have accidentally swallowed the condoms while giving oral pleasure to their partner. They might come in yummy flavors, but swallowing condoms can lead to severe breathing problems and coughing.

Rubber Ball

During lovemaking, a girl inserted a medium-sized rubber ball into her partner’s back. But the ball got lodged so high, the couple could not take it out. While they were waiting for the surgeon to arrive, the man started coughing. As a result, the ball came flying out with enough force to bounce around the room and hit the surgeon on his head, just as he arrived.


Hickey is a love bite given to your partner to playfully mark him/her as “yours.” While it can feel great to receive one, a hickey if not done correctly can actually be dangerous. A woman in New Zealand found her left arm partially paralyzed soon after her partner gave her a love bite. According to doctors, hickey given by her husband in her neck was so strong that it had caused a blood clot in an artery.

Passionate Kiss

Kissing is considered safe when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. However, a smooch can make you go deaf. One Chinese woman has suffered this fate. Yes, she was left partially deaf after a passionate kiss. The doctor who treated the girl quoted the following, “The kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear.”

Hot Dog

A doctor was attending a patient who complained of stomach pain, but soon the lady confessed that it wasn’t actually stomach pain. Few hours back she had microwaved a frozen hot dog to use as a sex toy, but the hot dog got softened due to heat and it broke off inside her.


A couple on drugs was making love when the woman’s vagina cramped up and the man could not pull it out. It was only after she took a muscle relaxant prescribed by a doctor, they were able to separate.

We are sure these sex injuries were not funny when they happened, but tell us the truth, do they not leaving you rolling when you read them now?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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