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Premarital Sex: Maybe Can Save Your Future

Premarital sex: why is ok to have sex before marriage

Premarital sex, do we support? Well, the short answer is yes. While we have already laid down 5 reasons that support sex before marriage, today we thought to elaborate on one-Homosexuality. Oh, so you think it’s not a good reason to make love until the vows of matrimony have been said? Wait, till you read this.

Premarital sex: why is ok to have sex before marriage

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Being a homosexual is no crime; in fact we have and always will support gay rights. However, you would be surprised to know that marriages are often used as a cover to hide homosexuality, especially, in countries like India there are thousands of gay men leading a double life. Either the families are not aware or due to the fear of the society they insist on traditional marriage.

Countries like India while rapidly modernizing, stakes claim to preserving family values. We chide the West for its divorces and broken families, but sanctity of marriage here is often built on silence and hidden pain. Parents force traditional marriage at the cost of their children’s happiness, and sometimes their lives. They don’t fear to lie to the society and turn a blind eye to extramarital affairs. And the best part, the bride’s future is of no consequence in this deal.

So, what happens next?

Wives who find out the truth cannot leave, due to society and parental pressures. They endure loveless relationships. Mind it, loveless! And those who stay unaware are always at a risk of contracting disease. Surprisingly, even today daughters are seen as a burden to be shed, and sons are the protectors of the family honor who must sire heirs. And if gay men try to confront their parents with the truth, there are visits to spiritual gurus, doctors, and mystical healers.

Ok, so now let’s come back to our original point-premarital sex. No we are not saying that you must indulge in sex before marriage, what we are trying to communicate is that  sex before marriage is a personal decision  just like sexual inclination and should not be criticized in the name of society or religious morality. Neither are we saying that having sex is a sure shot way to prove that your man is a gay or not, but yes avoiding intimacy is a good enough reason to look for other clues. After all, it’s better to be a non-virgin than sorry.

Moreover, discouraging people from having premarital sex has never, not once, at any point in human history, succeeded in getting people to actually stop having sex. We really have bigger problems to deal with like poverty and corruption. Instead of trying to dominate individual choices, our resources should be better spent on things like proper use of birth control, HIV, safer sex and more.


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