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Should You Get Intimate with an HIV Positive Partner?


A romantic relationship can be severely affected when one partner is diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV in common terms. While there is much more to a relationship than intimacy, physical chemistry is certainly an important aspect of any successful love relationship. Let’s accept that there’s in no way for a healthy partner to be 100 percent safe from HIV when being sexually involved with an HIV positive partner. However, by putting preventive measures in place, it is very much possible for mixed-status couples to have happy and fulfilling love lives.

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Play safe

HIV is transmitted through body fluids- blood, semen, vaginal or cervical fluids. But, consistent and proper usage of condoms can reduce the risk of HIV transmission up-to 90 percent if not completely eliminate it.

According to a study on 256 mixed status couples published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1994, 124 couples who regularly used condoms, none of the healthy partners got affected, whereas, among the 121 couples who did not use condoms consistently, 12 of the HIV negative partners were affected.

The Myth

To break the myth that oral sex cannot result in the transmission of HIV, a study done by Center for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that even though the risk is much lower than that of vaginal or anal sex, it certainly carries some possibility of HIV transmission when partner is known to be infected.

What about kissing?

HIV is not spread by closed-mouth or social kissing, but deep kissing can expose you the risk of transmission if your partner’s gums are bleeding or infected. Even though the risk is remote, it is recommended to avoid deep kissing if your partner is HIV positive.

Seek professional help

Before jumping on any conclusions, it is best to seek medical help. Consult your medical practitioner and seek proper advice and guidance. As the condition of every HIV positive person varies, it is important to get your situation evaluated individually.

It should be noted that there is no reason why a person suffering from HIV cannot have a perfectly normal life. With some education on both sides, lot of love and acceptance, you can certainly have a happy and healthy dating relationship with an HIV positive partner.

Would you get intimate with an HIV positive?

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