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Do you remember a time—perhaps before your little ones entered the picture—when your bedroom was a romantic haven? And now that romance is confined to just that one day—Valentine’s? Well, to help you rekindle the spark and reconnect with your loved one, we bring to you these ideas for creating a more romantic bedroom. Turn your space into a love nest with these quick tips.

Romantic Bedroom

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Get rid of clutter  

Stacks of bills, coupons, random newsletters- all of this clutter must find a room somewhere else. Put large items in a container and store them in a closet or under the bed, and arrange loose papers in a file or stack them in tall baskets, preferably with lids, that can double as decor.

Simply by de-cluttering your space, you will feel less burdened and more relaxed as there will be no constant reminders of looming projects.

Warm up the walls

Red may be the official color of love, but in your bedroom it can be a libido-killer. For the walls, stick with neutral shades such as white or beige. This will not only help to make your room appear more neat and clean but will also make it feel more serene. Save those rich, deep colors for the accessories instead.

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is one the most effective ways to spice up the romance in both of you. The key is to create a soft glow throughout the room rather than relying on the bedside lamps and standard overhead lights. We recommend recessed lights set to a dimmer to illuminate the space more evenly.

Make your bedroom smell good

Smells also can bring a special touch to the room. Add great scents to your space with candles, oil diffusers, and incense, or spray some of your favorite cologne between the sheets. Consider using a scent or a perfume that brings back memories of early dates. Plug-in mild air-fresheners to keep the bedroom smelling wonderful throughout the day and night.

Choose bedding wisely

As bedroom is the pivotal point of the whole decor of the bedroom, choose it wisely.  High-thread-count sheets in 100% cotton can feel exquisite. Silk and sating bedding are a great option too, although they can be expensive. Interesting textures, such as faux fur or velvet can also be considered.

If the candles have burned out, use these ideas to rekindle the old flame. Hope these tips will help to punch up the sizzle in your bedroom.

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