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3 Things to Consider Before Living Together


It’s official. You are moving out, or rather moving in with your loved one. You both have had a great relationship, and it’s time to merge spaces, right?

Great! But remember, living together like everything is easier said than done. You agree to merge your lives and not just each other’s things into one household. So, we suggest, consider the following points before taking the plunge. Then who knows, maybe your relationship will outlast the lease.

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What’s the reason

Before your start day dreaming about home décor and lazy, cozy Sundays with your partner, take a step back and ask yourself this essential question. Why? Why are you moving in together? Is it because of financial convenience? Do you see marriage in future? Or do you just want to move out of your parent’s house?

Whatever the reason is, make sure that you both are in sync. This will help you form the basic foundation for blissful cohabitation.

Things Will Change

When you become domestic partners, things change almost instantly. This involves paying bills, doing household tasks, and other less romantic things. The excitement to see your partner will eventually wear out when you will start seeing him/her every day. Experts say that sex life changes too. In short, the honeymoon period gets over and the reality kicks in. So, know this and accept it before living together.

Love Gets Irritating

This one is inevitable. When you start living together, you gradually discover each other’s irritating habits. He snores while sleeping; you cannot sleep straight, or he wears the same underwear for days; you change clothes seven times a day.

The best way to overcome this issue is, let the dust settle. Try living together for a spell before actually moving in. Just make sure, the time you choose is a normal, monotonous week so that you both get a real feel of the morning rush and everyday jobs.

The Final Word

There are no set rules or guidelines for living together. Be it marriage, cohabitation, or dating, in the end everything boils down to respecting, compromising, and, talking things through.

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So, good luck guys and tell us how it goes! What according to you are the most essential pre-move in chats?

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