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4 Reasons Why Your Relationship Status is Still Single

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Reasons Why Your Relationship Status is Still Single

You have read all the magazines and browsed through the top dating websites, but your relationship department is still out of luck. Well, have you ever thought that why you are still single and can’t seem to find love? The reasons could be many like your attitude, insecurities, expectations, and, more. However, the good part is that the situation is not hopeless and neither are you. Perhaps, I can tell you why you are still single. There are four reasons and yours is somewhere in here, or maybe you can claim all of these.

Reasons Why Your Relationship Status is Still Single

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Unrealistic Expectations

Is your dating checklist something like this: tall, dark, handsome, attractive, kind, compassionate, good looking, great body, sexy eyes, great cook, terrific smile? If yes, then maybe you need to re-look at it.

Let’s get real. The man in your checklist is the man that every woman is looking for. And guess what? None of us has found him yet so probably he doesn’t exist. I would suggest, stop making never ending list of qualities to look for in a man. Give more importance to the relationship. Think about what you want from your relationship and not just how your potential partner should be.

You Are Too Casual

What are you wearing at the moment? Pajamas? Slippers? Is your hair all nicely done or is it smelling of oils? For sure, we all get tired and stressed and we just want to be comfortable. But do you really think that you can get hooked while being too casual? Sometimes, you need to make an effort to show the other person that you are beautiful. Sure, make up should not be the deal breaker in a relationship, and the real man should be able to see your unique qualities and inner beauty, but sometimes, you need to let the man know that you are hot and desirable. So get up and dress up!

Stop Dying And Start Living

Your breasts and butt are not where they used to be. You have wrinkles, bleeding gums. Fine you are aging. But, I heard it somewhere, age is in the mind. I cannot overstress it, break the age barrier and put your dating hat on. Breathe life into your attitude and have fun. You would be surprised to see the number of men getting attracted to your positive energy.

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Let Love Happen

Don’t go hunting for love. You cannot search it. Search for a date, search for a companion and let love happen when and where it has to happen. Get yourself out there in the right places. If you are looking for an athletic guy, hit the gym, if you are looking for a party animal, start partying. But, just don’t try to manufacture love.

It’s often hard for many to admit that they themselves are responsible for their still single status, but if your relationships keep failing or you are not able to find a companion at all, then it might be worth admitting the defeat and figuring out what’s wrong.

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