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4 Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight in a Healthy Way


Having a baby is a wonderful experience; it changes life. But, it also changes your body. Almost every woman who has given birth to a new life has faced the challenge of coping with “pregnancy weight”. If you are feeling the pressure to shrink your belly and look like a sexy mom, these four ways will help you lose the baby weight in a healthy way.

Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight in a Healthy Way

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This is not just good for your baby to get a great start in life but also helps the new mom to lose pregnancy weight. According to doctors, breastfeeding can burn around 500 calories a day. In fact, it is believed that breast-feeding mothers can lose body fat more easily than those who stick to formula feeding.

Balanced Meals

Since you are a new mom, you cannot starve yourself, so dieting is out of question. But make sure, whatever you eat is healthy. Stick to a nutritious diet while you are trying to lose your pregnancy weight. A well-balanced meal should include vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and low fat dairy products. This is particularly essential especially if you are breastfeeding.

Workout With Your Baby

Postnatal Exercise to lose pregnancy weight

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After looking at some celebrity moms out there, you must be eager to jump into a strict workout program. However, easing into light exercises, especially during the first few weeks is essential for keeping your body safe and injury free. You will need clearance from your medical practitioner, and depending on what kind of delivery you had, it may take up to 4-8 weeks before you can get into some serious exercise. Till then, workout with you baby. Take your little one for walks in a stroller or hold him/her in the baby backpack.

Postnatal Exercise Class

Find out if there is a postnatal exercise program near your residence. This is a great way to lose weight. Plus, you get to meet and interact with other new moms. But, don’t forget to take clearance from your doctor or mid wife.

Overall, small, daily changes will help you easily melt away the pounds and get your body back in shape. So, losing your pregnancy weight quickly doesn’t have to mean no food and excessive exercise.

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