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5 Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

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No, this post is not about effective communication, forgiveness, honesty, and other such tips that you have read at-least a hundred times before. We understand that much has been said and read about relationships. However, most of it is good to hear but often difficult to incorporate. To help you build a healthy relationship, we have complied 5 simple tested tips that will surely go a long way!

Ingredients for a healthy relationship

Stop comparing

How often do you compare your relationship with others and think, “mine is not like this, is there something wrong?” Firstly, accept and understand that fairy tale chemistry is hard to find. Real life and reel life is different. It really doesn’t matter, whether you kiss ten times a day or ten times a year, as long as you both are happy. So, stop measuring up and keep in mind, the grass on the other side is always greener!

Try something new

Remember the first few months of your relationship? That time was fun and great, isn’t it? Well, the reason is simple you both were new to each other and you did many things for the first time together. Studies reveal that monotony leads to dissatisfaction in any association. Therefore, get your hands on something new and exciting. It can be anything that’s good but defiantly different.


  • Try an unfamiliar restaurant
  • Cook a foreign cuisine together
  • Hit the road and drive to a secluded place to get intimate

Laugh With Him and Not on Him

Add some humor to life and lighten up a little. Laughing is a great way to have some wonderful time together. Crack private jokes, keep pet names, watch a hilarious movie, or whatever! It will help you shed that daily stress which is often a hindrance for a healthy relationship.

Watch Your Manners

We know that as a rule words like “thank you” and “sorry” stay out of the window in love and friendship. But, these expressions can go a long way in letting your partner know that you respect him and do not take him for granted. It’s simple! Isn’t it?

Workout together

Studies reveal that couples who exercise together cite stronger bond. Apart from staying healthy, working out as a team, gives you a chance to spend more quality time together.

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And hey, it improves intimacy too! So, do let us know when are you going for an exercise date?

These are some simple tips that we think will help you build a lasting healthy relationship. If you have anything more to add, please do it through comments.

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