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5 Signs You Need a Couples Therapy

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There is no denying that relationships can be challenging. Maybe couples therapy is something you do not consider at the beginning of your affair, however, much like a new set of dishes, relationships can also show wear and tear over the years. So, what are the signs that your relationship has hit a rough patch or perhaps it’s something more serious…requires professional help?

Signs you need couples therapy

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A Recurring Issue

Forgive and forget. It’s easier said than done. Many couples fight over same issues again and again in disagreements. Whether it’s about broken trust or finances if any matter is not being effectively resolved, seeking professional help might be the only way to work out a recurring issue. In order to save many years of trouble down the road, we recommend you to opt for a couples therapy.

There is a Significant Change in Your Love Life

It really does not matter whether you make love three times a day or three times a year, as long as you both are happy. However, if you observe a considerable loss of intimacy or a sudden increase, it’s an indication to invest time and energy into your relationship. While, it’s normal for couples in long term relationships to get in a rut, especially in the bedroom, significant change is a definite call for a couples therapy.

Traumatic Events

If there has been a traumatic event in your life, such as an affair or a death in the family, and one partner cannot let go the past, it might be a good idea to talk to a neutral third party. Also, couples therapy is a great way to plan ahead for the future. For instance, if you are planning a child or considering a long distance relationship, seeking help before going through the transition will help you anticipate the issues and plan accordingly.


Disagreements over money are one of the top reasons for split ups. If your partner tries to control everything related to money or keeps you in dark about his/her debts, your monthly bills, savings etc, it’s time to see a therapist.

Your Partner Suggests Couples Therapy

Do you get offended when someone asks you to seek professional help for a headache or upset stomach? No? Then therapy should not be hyped either? If your partner suggests couples counseling, he/she is not trying to say it’s over, instead, your partner is making an effort to repair what you already have and make it even more stronger.

If any of the above reasons look familiar to you, it’s best to enroll yourself for a couples therapy. It will help you to communicate better and understand the situation more clearly.

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