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5 Things You Should Never Share With Your Man


Ok, we know that shrouding in mystery is considered unhealthy for a relationship however, there are certain boundaries in any association that you must have. While we don’t agree that you should intentionally hide things from your partner, there are just about few things that are best kept mum. And as your mother probably won’t tell you what they are- we list them for you.

Secrets in a relationship

Details About Your Ex

While it’s not good to lie or hide your past from your man especially when in a committed relationship, there is no need for you to give out details about your ex. Apart from basic facts like name, reason for breakup, and, length of your relationship, your partner does not need to know more. Never volunteer information that you remember with fondness. Men always have this fear if they measure up or you regret falling for them. Why give him a reason to wonder?

Your Insecurities

If you think your hair is too frizzy, you are too fat, or, you need anti-aging, don’t bring it up every 3-4 hours. Men really aren’t interested to know about your negatives. He thinks you are beautiful and he is with you, isn’t he? So, if he accepts you why not accept yourself. There is just no need for you to draw his attention to your flaws. After all, no one is perfect!

Criticizing His Manhood

Anything negative about his sexual prowess is a strict no. While we all love to satisfy our partners, it’s a matter of pride for every man. Refrain from criticizing his technique, size, or endurance. But, this does not mean you should fake your climax. Remember satisfaction is equally important in any relationship as honesty. If you remain unsatisfied, instead of criticizing his manhood, consider suggesting him ways that will help to arouse you.

Number of Partners You Have Made Love With

Trust us; your man does not need to know this information. He will have serious issues irrespective of the number being too high or low. Not only will he end up thinking if you compare him with others, he will also come in great pressure to perform. On the contrary, we recommend being open about the status of your virginity. Well, it’s all part of the game and is perfectly normal. We agree that being honest is important, but giving out details is just not required.

Your Dislike For His Mother

There will always be a few of us who can’t get along well with our in-laws. But, this doesn’t mean you should hand over a highlighted, detailed list of 789 reasons of why you dislike his mother. Most men have a soft corner for their mother and highlighting reasons every time he is around can pressurize him to choose between the two of you. If the problem is serious, state your case gently and wait for his decision. In the meantime, learn to bite your tongue and grin!

When it comes to relationships, setting and sustaining boundaries is a must. They not only help to build a happy, healthy relationship, but also ensures that you have some things kept only to yourself.

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Let us know your thoughts about keeping secrets in a relationship?

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