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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Her that will Make Her Go ‘Awww’


Buying her a gift has never been easy, however, on the “Valentine’s Day” let’s admit, the pressure is a lot more. You cannot just spend money and buy anything off the shelf; it has to be something special. But, don’t fear, we have got you covered. Here is a list of 5 heart-warming gift ideas for her that will surely make her go ‘awww’.

Valentine's Day Gift ideas for her

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A Personalized Wine Glass

Tell how much you love her with a gift; she will love almost as much as you. A personalized wine glass with a lovely message like “Be Mine” etched into it will remind her of your love each time she reaches for her drink. If the budget allows, team it up with a nice wine and let the celebration continue!

Sensual Massage

Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, so why not say it with a full body massage. This does not mean that you have to perform the tedious task of massaging every inch of her body. Rather, give her a sensual massage that she won’t soon forget. Use stimulating oils such as lavender, orange or sandalwood. You can also use edible massage oil that is safe for internal use.

A Romantic Getaway

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to indulge in a romantic getaway. Impress your love with an overnight stay at a luxurious hotel with pampering amenities like gourmet dining and lush spa treatments.

Magazine Subscription Gift

Keep an eye on what’s on her coffee table and renew her favorite magazine subscription for another year. When the first issue arrives, pack it in a nice bag with a love note on the front.

A Book

Flowers fade, chocolate disappears, and jewelry goes out of style. But books remain forever. If your partner likes to read, there can be no better gift than buying a book of her choice. However, you would really need to do your homework to find her choice. Alternatively, you can gift her a library or a book club membership.

These are some gift ideas for her that we think she would love. If you have some suggestions for our readers, please add it through comments.

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