6 Great Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Lose weight fast

When it comes to shedding those extra pounds, we all know the drill – exercise, burn more calories, and consume lesser calories. There is no doubt that these difficult tasks will help you lose weight, but here are some more secrets to thinner waistline.

Re-frame Your Targets

Revise your goal from lose 15 pounds to lose 1 pounds 15 times and reward yourself each time you achieve it. As it’s easier to pull off smaller targets, it will boast your confidence each time you accomplish it.

Set a Reminder

This one really helps. Buy an outfit that you would really want to fit in and hang it in your bedroom, it will remind you of your goal. Aim for a size to achieve it!

Have Some Soup

According to a research, if you choose to have a bowl of vegetable soup before the main course; you will consume 20 percent lesser calories during the meal.

Sweat it with Your Partner

Studies reveal that people who work out as a couple lose more weight than those who hit the gym alone.

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Don’t be a Night Owl

Staying awake during late hours causes hormonal imbalance as it decreases leptin, depletes growth hormone, and increases cortisol. All this causes us to eat more and intake higher calories. So, if you desire to lose weight, be a morning person and don’t wreak havoc with your metabolism.

Oil the Bread

If you can’t give up on the bread breakfast, don’t. Simply replace the butter with olive oil. According to a study in the International Journal of Obesity, it will help you consume 16 percent lesser calories and 23 percent less bread.

We all know that eating right and hitting the gym can help you lose weight, but these wave of new studies have found that these little fun tricks can help too.

Do let us know if you have some more secrets to lose weight.

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