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9 Budget Romantic Date Ideas

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Looking for some great romantic date ideas without breaking the bank? Well, we have got you covered. We understand that a lighter wallet is no excuse to turn a date into a luxury. For which, we have come up with some fun and inexpensive date ideas that are sure to spark romance.

Romantic date ideas

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Ice Skating

A trip to an ice skating ring is a perfect excuse to hold hands, ‘accidentally’ fall on each other, and grab a cup of coffee to keep warm and cozy.

A long drive

For couples looking to spend some quality time with each other, a romantic drive in the outskirts of the city might be the answer.  The long drive will allow you to reconnect and strengthen your relationship. Halt in between to grab some snacks and click some wonderful pictures.

Back to childhood

Travel back in time and recall. If you and your partner still live close to where you both grew up, go for a tour of your childhoods. Don’t forget to take pictures as you visit each landmark.

Cook a Meal Together

Having a romantic meal at home can be much more fun than eating out- not to forget less expensive. Get out those matching aprons and learn to cook each other’s favorite meal. Whether you end with a delicious luxurious meal or some quick snacks, you are sure to have fun during the process.

Sightseeing in Your Own City

Have no budget to get away for a vacation? How about exploring your own city? If you have lived in your locality for long, chances are you never took time to see a lot of tourist attractions.  So, here’s your chance, head out with your partner and pretend to be tourists for a weekend. Look online for travel guides and put together an itinerary.

Movie Marathon

Pick a movie theme- horror, adventure, romantic or whatever. Make a big tub of popcorn and hit the couch to start your movie marathon.

A Night of Pampering

Turn off all your distractions and settle in a night of pampering. No expensive spa’s. Run a bubble bath and treat each other to a full body massage. Relax in the next day.

Go Boating

If you are an adventurous couple, this one is for you. Take a break from your work life and enjoy a day on water together. There is something incredible about the open water- breathing in the fresh air, feeling the wind, and the ocean beneath. So, leave all your worries back on the shore and escape for a romantic date on water.

Go For a Long Walk

This is perhaps one of the best romantic date ideas. A nice long walk with your partner can ignite a new romance or keep the flame burning in your relationship. In fact, some relaxed time together without any distractions is a perfect way to focus completely on your companion. So put on your walking shoes, grab your lovers hand, and follow your heart.

Spending quality time together doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. All you need for a budget romantic date is a little creativity. After all, the important part is to focus on each other, not the rates on the menu card.

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