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Benefits of Sweating it out Together


So, its winters and you think your resolution to get fit should be postponed until June? We have a better idea get your partner involved. According to a research at UPenn, working out as a couple boosts weight loss. Both of you may have different fitness goals, but working out together means encouraging and helping each other.

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Here are some reasons that make sense to work out as a couple.


Often couples complain that they don’t get to spend quality time together. If you are one of those, consider hitting the gym with your partner. Just add exercise to the list of other common things you enjoy together. Apart from achieving your fitness goals, togetherness comes as a bonus!


Accidents do happen during workouts – a twisted wrist or ankle is very common. Having your partner around during exercise is advantageous. Help is always at hand!


When one of you is feeling lazy or tired, the other partner can motivate you to keep you on track with your fitness goals. Chances are that at least one of you will be up during the hardest exercise. So, you can count on him on those lazy women days to push you off that couch and get you going!

More Intimacy

Apart from helping you achieve your fitness goals, working out together sets the foundation for happy and healthy intimacy. Yes, it can do much more than shape up your derriere; it can actually strengthen your bond and intensify your intimate moments.

More accountability

Diet and exercise must go hand in hand in order to stay healthy. When you work out together, you are more likely to share fitness as well as diet goals. It means that you are less likely to sabotage your workout efforts with high fat or high calorie meals. It is best to plan together for meals that not only satisfy your taste buds but also help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, what are you waiting for? It is an opportunity to get a great body workout and spend time with your loved one. Hit the gym and start bonding!

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