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Bucket List- 15 Things You Must Do As a Couple


Wondering what’s a bucket list? It’s a list of things you should do at-least once in a lifetime. As life is too short to sit on the net all day reading other people’s experiences, we have put together a list of absolutely fabulous, naughty, and, fun things to do as a couple. We are not saying that you got to try them all, but do have a look through and see how many you have experienced and which ones you would like to.

Couples Massage

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There can be nothing more romantic than lying side by side with your partner in a serene environment in a luxury spa. Sharing a day of relaxation with your loved one can truly be an unforgettable experience.

Have a Quick One

Many a times, there is no or limited time for foreplay or romance but that does not mean you should stop making love. Consider having a quickie. You can also experiment with various places in your house.

Laugh Your Heart Out

Stay up all night laughing and add some humor to life. Watch hilarious movies, crack jokes or whatever. I bet it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Kiss In The Rain

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Get in the garden or the terrace with your loved one. You will be amazed how thrilling the rain can be. Are you already waiting for the next downpour?

Write a Love Letter

Remember those days when letters were handwritten? Get back those old memories, write a love letter, seal it with a kiss, and mail it at the post office.


Role-play is a great way to spice up your love life. Whatever your partners role-play fantasy is, get dressed and give it a go. This way you will also get to live one of your ultimate fantasies.

Get Drunk

Drink the entire night and get sloshed. But, don’t drive. Prepare for the consequences ahead of time.

Be The King

Save up some money and book a suite for a night at the most expensive hotel in your city. Don’t forget to save for the tip and other benefits of the hotel like pool, spa, massages, food, and more.

Get Lazy

Spend an entire day in bed with your partner and enjoy the moment.

Change Locations

Be high on imagination and make love in every possible corner of your house. You will end up having loads of secret naughty memories.

Bubble bath

It’s not just for kids. Bubble bath is also relaxing for adults and a great way to stay close to your partner.

Partner Dance

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Learn to Tango- known as the most romantic dance.

Be Daring

If you are up for the excitement that comes with the risk of being caught, then make love in an inappropriate location- park, office, public restroom, lift, or anywhere else the two of you agree.

Kiss Underwater

Dive into an underwater romance with your partner and have a kiss to remember!

Carve Your Names In The Tree

Immortalize your love forever in the bark of a tree.

“The future is uncertain and the end is always near.” So, fill your relationship with experiences that create wonderful memories. There are plenty of opportunities to get out there and celebrate it with your loved one.

Do let us know what’s on your bucket list?

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