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Can Couples in Same Profession Build a Successful Marriage?


Same profession for a successful marriage

Marrying someone in the same profession is very common as relationships are generally built amongst like-minded people. While some believe that it is a building block for a successful marriage, many argue that same profession can actually turn your marriage into a battlefield. Listed below are some pros and cons that will help you make a better decision.


He understands

Erratic shift timings and work pressure are some of the salient features of every professional career. When in the same profession, the level of understanding is often much higher. As both partners are on the same career ship, there is no room for clarifications or explanations on things like overtime, extended shifts, or midnight emergencies.  And we all know that understanding is one of the key ingredients of a successful marriage.

Keep the conversation alive

Even though it is mostly advised that discussions related to work should not come home, just imagine how wonderful it would be to be guided by your partner in those to be or not to be scenarios. A healthy conversation related to lawsuits, medical cases, software development, or more is possible only with a partner in same profession.

More time together

Often, working couples complain that they don’t get to spend enough time together. Either their work timings to do not meet or they are too tired and stressed after work hours. But, if both the partners are in the same profession, it can help you create time for yourself. You can meet up during lunch or tea breaks, even travelling to office and back home together can give you time to catch up with each other.


Financial insecurity

One of the major disadvantages of marrying someone in the same profession is financial crises. In case of recession or change in the market, if a particular profession is badly hit, it can lead to unavoidable circumstances.

Race against each other

In this competitive job market, people already race against each other to meet their desired goals and targets. To have your partner as one of the participants in that race can lead to unnecessary jealousy and competitiveness. Would you like to reach a desired destination at the cost of “happy marriage?”

Opposites attract

According to an old adage “opposites attract,” couples sailing in different ships are not repelling and better strike a chord. Whereas, if partners belong to a same profession, there is nothing new or interesting to discover about each other. The conversations would mostly revolve around professional topics, salaries can become a debate, and ideas may clash.

Same profession or different, we should always remember that marriage is not a game field where one wins and the other partner sulks on the losing side. It is a relationship based on equality and to have a successful marriage; seeds of faith and affection are a must!

Do let us know your opinion on this through comments. Would you be interested in marrying someone in the same profession?

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