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Celebrate the Week Before the Valentine’s day

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Falling in love is beyond the control of human power but expressing is. One of the most romantic times of the year to say, “I love you” is Valentine’s Day. But, the day of love is not just limited to 14th February. It’s celebrated throughout the week.

The seven days of the Valentine’s week are as follows:

7 February- Rose Day

Valentine's day


Being the symbol of love and passion, rose day marks the start of the Valentine week.

8 February- Propose Day

Valentine's day

This day holds great significance for all those who have been eagerly waiting to go down on their knees.

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9 February- Chocolate Day

Valentine's day

According to a tradition, lovers exchange candies and sweets as a token of love during Valentine. According to some experts, chocolates not only have a divine taste and are filling but also can arouse an irresistible bliss and passion in you.

10 February- Teddy Bear Day

Valentine's day

Goes without saying, a cute adorable teddy bear is always a girl’s best friend. So, don’t forget to tickle your love with a soft toy.

11 February- Promise Day

Valentine's Day

Love is not just about romance and gifts, it’s also about commitment. Dedicate this day to take new vows as a couple or rekindle the old ones.

12 February- Hug Day

Valentine's day

A hug is an expression of warmth and affection. Hug your partner tightly and show that you care.

13 February-Kiss Day

Valentine's day

Kiss your partner passionately to express your feelings and love.

14 February- Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day

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Here comes the most awaited day of the week- Valentine’s Day. Spend time with your partner and consider indulging yourself in things that reflects your relationship.

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