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Creative Ways to Propose Marriage This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and you have decided to pop the big question; will you marry me? Well, I believe that she would defiantly say ‘yes’ if she loves you irrespective of the way you propose her. But, now that you have the nerve to ask her, why not make your proposal more romantic and memorable so that you both can cherish it for a lifetime!

Marriage proposal

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If you are planning to go down on your knees this 14th February here are some unique and creative ideas that will surely make your marriage proposal unforgettable.

On The Keyboard

Invest in some old computer keyboards and swap the keys on one to display your message. Now replace your special message with her normal keyboard.

Spell It On A Board Game

Scrabble marriage proposal

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Get Her Arrested

Ok, it needs real planning but this marriage proposal is ever creative and unforgettable. Take help from some of your uncommon friends to stage a mock arrest. Get them dressed like cops and visit her, and say; we are here to arrest you, and you can be released only under one condition: If you agree to marry him.

Get Your Pets Involved

Dog t-shirt marriage proposal

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If she is a pet lover, this one is defiantly for you.

  • Get a custom-made sweater or a t-shirt for your dog that reads, “Will you marry me?” When she reads the message, go down on your knee and propose her to be your wife.
  • Once you have picked the best ring for your would-be, tie it to your dog or cat’s collar with a ribbon. Call your pet and wait for the lady to find her ring.

Take Her To The Ancestral Marriage Place

As this marriage proposal will have the weight of tradition, it is a sure shot YES. If you can find out where did her mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother got married, you have won half the battle. Take her to this ancestral spot and pop the question; the good news you can add it though comments.

While these are some unique and creative ways to contemplate marriage to your loved one, consider adding something that reflects the two of you and speaks about your relationship. Plan your proposal with a personal angle so that it can be unique to the both of you.

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