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How to Dress for a Casino Night

Casino night outfit

“Act like you’ve been there before,” an old adage is nowhere more evident than in a casino. Proper casino etiquette can get you much further than you could ever expect especially when it comes to the dressing part. After all, who in the baccarat room wants to sit next to a lady in flip flops and pajamas?

Casino night outfit

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So today, we are going to share some tips on how to dress for a night out at casino. But before we proceed it’s important to find why are you going there?  Are you going to gamble or just to party?

If you are in the gambling mood, for you ladies a typical short cocktail dress should work well. Pair it with appropriate sandals for that killer look. While a formal gown is not necessary at most casinos, it might be worth the effort in case you looking to mingle with the high roller crowd.

If your intention is to party at the casino, the “little black dress” is always a winner. Whereas, if you are trying to seek entry into the trendiest nightclubs, consider oozing out some sex appeal. But make sure not to appear vulgar.

And for you guys out there, consider casual slacks also known as casino pants and a polo in case you are up for gambling. This will lend you some professional air. Alternatively, if you are heading towards a club, a designer suit or a formal shirt with designer jeans will give an impression that you are here to spend some coin. Make sure to shine your shoes and add an extra sophisticated touch with a pocket watch and opera gloves.

Even though there is no official dress code posted at most casinos, the reality is the more hotter and professional you appear, the better service you receive.

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