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Essential Equipment For Weightlifters: A Top 5

Weightlifting equipments

When it comes to competitive weightlifting and all of the training that goes with it, your choice of equipment can play a big part in determining what you get out of each session; let’s take a look at five bits of kit that no weightlifter should be without.

Weightlifting equipments

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Weightlifting Shoes

Sure, you could wear an old pair of running shoes or some hiking boots for your weight training sessions, but you’d be missing out on a number of exciting benefits which the latest specialist weightlifting shoes can bring to the table – not to mention the fact that inappropriate footwear could end up promoting poor form and could even increase your chances of injury; the best weightlifting shoes are built to be remarkably strong, stable, breathable, comfortable and durable, with specially constructed soles for added traction and practical instep straps, which are designed to keep the feet from sliding around too much inside the shoes during training.

Knee Wraps

Weightlifting demands precise, efficient transfer of energy around the body: when squatting, form-fitting knee wraps can help your knees to absorb power on the way down, so that it can be explosively released on the way back up. The best knee wraps are designed to tightly fasten to the body without slipping.

Grip Aids

Grip can be all-important when it comes to weightlifting – even with the best technique, a pair of slick hands or a sticky bar can hamper performance: but luckily, there are plenty of products on the market which are designed to boost grip or decrease friction: from traditional chalk to resin pads, and even aerosol adhesive spray, weightlifters are spoilt for choice when it comes to grip aid products.

Support Belt

For additional stability and support, many weightlifters turn to weightlifting belts: these come in numerous different styles which are designed to cater to the various main weightlifting disciplines.

Most belts are constructed from either leather or neoprene, with an assortment of fastening mechanisms, such as metal prongs, lever/ratchet systems or Velcro straps being used to allow weightlifters to easily secure them or make adjustments.

Wrist Straps

These accessories are a popular training tool for many weightlifters seeking improved grip and safety during training: they work by linking the wrists to whatever weight or piece of kit is being lifted.

When it is difficult to complete an exercise due to grip issues, this essential accessory can prove to be an invaluable asset.

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