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Eyewear Frames: Top Tips for Buying that Perfect One

How to buy Eyeglass Frames

It’s no brainer that eyewear frames can completely make or break your look. Eyewears may be essential for your eyesight, but they are a fashion accessory at the same time. So choosing the right one is extremely important. There are a lot of factors to base your choice on, we point you a few.

How to buy Eyeglass Frames

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Know Your Frame Size

Glasses that don’t fit right can be just as uncomfortable as ill-fitting clothes. Selecting the right size frame will ensure that you look and feel your best. It’s good to know that every frame size consists of three components: eye, bridge, and temple size. This quick guide will help you measure your frame size.

Pick Eyewear Frames That Complements Your Face Shape

Your face shape is perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying eyeglasses. Not everyone can pull off the same look with certain frame styles. The best choice will be based on your unique style and the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a round face, provide a contrast to it by wearing square or strong angular frame, whereas, for a square face type, round or oval eyeglasses are usually recommended. Try on many different frame styles to get a feel of what you like and see which one works best for you.

Choose A Color That Suits Your Personality

These days, sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing frame colors. But it’s important to pick the one that blends well with your personality type. Brightly colored plastic frames sends of a cool, youthful message, whereas, neutral tones convey a message of sophistication.

The Overall Cost

Just like anything else, the cost is a decisive factor when it comes to buying eyeglass frames. Even though, expensive does not always equal to better, it’s important to note that a very cheap frame is probably an indicator of weak materials. Especially, if you would be wearing your glasses a lot, think of investing in a good piece from a reliable source like John Jacobs. At-least you can be sure that they use highest grade materials like ULTEM, TR-90 etc. Yes, it’s a fashion accessory, but it’s a medical piece too. So, don’t compromise!

The right eyewear can uplift your appearance by highlighting your favorite features while minimizing imperfections, if any. Use the tips above and make sure to keep you personal comfort and confidence on priority when buying eyewear frames.

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