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Father’s Day: Celebrating Without a Father

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and the web is abuzz with ideas on how to celebrate this occasion. From gift ideas to preparation tips, everything is easily accessible. But, what about those whose fathers have passed on? It’s just so hard for them to ignore and pretend that Father’s Day doesn’t exist. We point you ways to include your wonderful late father in the celebration.

Father's Day

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The Words Of Wisdom

We all remember the words of wisdom our fathers gave us. If those words hold an important place in your lives write or print them on a sheet of paper. You can decorate it or get it framed as a piece of remembrance.

Go Green

Planting annuals in your father’s honor is perhaps the best gift you can give him on the Father’s Day. Choose a spot that you remember with fondness and plant anything there in his honor. You can continue with this activity for years to come. Just make sure to nourish it properly.

Visit His Gravesite

If you find peace and take great comfort in visiting the gravesite of your dad, then this one is best for you. Go early in the morning when it’s bright and fresh outside.

Celebrate It With The World

Your father has passed on, but look around, fathers are everywhere. Your father-in-law is a father, your brother is a father, and so is your son-in-law. Jumping into the day and joining the rest of the world in the celebration is the best thing to do.

Visit An Old Age Home

If there are no father figures around and the day yawns lonely and empty, visiting an old age home is a great choice. Ask the nurse to clue you as to which men do not have a visitor. Even spending a few minutes with them will make your day as well as theirs.

Losing a parent is one of the worst feelings. Do things to remember the wonderful moments you have spent together. And Father’s Day is the perfect time to remember the first man of your life.

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