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Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Love Life


Nothing prevents love and romance more than unattractiveness. If your home is cluttered, not properly lit, or, you have chosen the wrong décor, you greatly lessen the chances of a healthy love life. No matter which end of the love spectrum you find yourself at, these simple Feng Shui tips will help you create a home that nourishes a beautiful love life.

Feng Shui Tips for Love

Activate The Southwest Area

According to Feng Shui, the love and relationship area is located in the southwest corner of your house. Activate this area with Feng Shui enhancers such as, crystals or lights. You can double the effect with a chandelier as it has both lights and crystals. Place a pair of love ducks, lovebirds, or, a painting of lovers. To lighten up this section you can also put nice lamps or hang lanterns. If your bedroom is located in this corner, that alone is enough to tap the romance luck.

Create An Inviting Bedroom Atmosphere

While a king-size bed is spacious, according to Feng Shui, it opposes intimacy. Opt-in for a queen size bed instead as it offers enough room and promotes cuddling and togetherness. Moreover, placement of your bed needs attention too. The bed should not be jammed against the wall as it subconsciously sends a signal that you are not open for love and romance. Also, if you do not want your love-luck to be flushed away, make sure that your bed does not share a wall with the toilet. Lastly, as equality is the key for any long-lasting relationship, Feng Shui recommends that both side of the bed must have equal space.

Say No To Gadgets In Your Bedroom

Feng shui love tips

There is nothing more annoying and distracting than your partner showing more interest in a laptop or an iPad. Bedroom is a place for relaxation and intimacy, having a television or other gadgets here sends a clear non-romantic signal. If you cannot remove the work stuff from your bedroom, at-least try to carve out a small corner away from your bed to place them. And for the television, move it out in the living room for the sake of love.

Privacy In Your Bedroom

Having photos of kids and family members is not conducive for your love life. Exhibit your happy family pictures in other areas of your home like drawing-room or living room. Make some effort to keep your bedroom a private romantic sanctuary.

Do Away With Negative Reminders

Hanging on to gifts or items given to you by your ex means sticking onto negative energies as they prevent you from moving on. Get rid of the reminders from the past and live in present.

To maintain a blissful love life, create an environment in your house that reflects the beauty of the romantic relationship you want to be in. Read: 5 Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

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