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Find Love Through Lucid Dreaming


How easy would it be to find a partner if you had the confidence to speak to anyone? If you’re one of those people who is always single you can finally do something about it by Lucid dreaming.

Find Love through Lucid Dreaming

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Do you know about the technique pickup artists teach their students? They tell everyone to ask as many girls or guys out as possible. The trick is to get rejected multiple times until your anxiety disappears. After you’ve been rejected all night you become more confident because you don’t fear rejection anymore.

Ask People Out in Your Dreams

Asking someone out in the real world is still impossible for most people. Luckily the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between dreams and reality so you can ask people out while you’re asleep.

Do you know what lucid dreaming is? It’s a dream in which you’re aware you are dreaming. Once your conscious mind switches on in the dream world you can do anything you want. It’s also a learned skill, so you can teach yourself to wake up in your dreams every night.

Once you become lucid you can go around speaking to people you find attractive. Your mind won’t care they’re only dream characters and you’ll trick it into becoming more confident. You can get rid of your fear of rejection without doing anything that might embarrass you in public.

Tricking Your Subconscious Mind

The easiest way to become lucid is to perform reality checks. During the day you need to count your fingers on one hand multiple times. You need to stare at them while you’re doing it and you should also ask yourself if you’re dreaming. Ask yourself if you’re dreaming like it could actually be true.

Can you guess what is going to happen next? Your finger counting technique will become a subconscious habit. You’ll automatically start doing it in the middle of your dreams. As soon as you stare at your fingers in your dreams and ask yourself if you’re dreaming your conscious mind will switch on.

It Will Feel a Little Weird

When you first become lucid it will feel weird. The dream you’ll be walking around in will feel the exact same as reality. You won’t be able to keep the smile off your face because you’ll be wandering around a world that only exists inside your head.

You will probably wake yourself up within seconds a few times before you learn how to stay inside the dream world for longer than a few minutes. It just takes time and patience, but you can make things easier by keeping your emotions under control.

Time to Get to Work

After you can stay inside for longer than a few minutes you can practice asking people out on dates. Just walk around slowly and speak to any dream characters you see. Sooner or later you’ll realize you’re not afraid anymore and hopefully you’ll use your new found confidence to find your soul mate!

So, would you try lucid dreaming to find love? After all, there is no harm trying.

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Author Bio: Jamie Alexander loves fighting giant gorillas, snowboarding down deadly mountains, and jumping out of helicopters without a parachute inside his lucid dreams, but when he is wide awake he writes about lucid dreaming over at Lucid Ability Dot Com.

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