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Five Steps to Happily Survive the Courtship Period

Courtship provides the room for romance and commitment much needed in a relationship.

The courtship period is the bridge you cross before you say ‘I Do’. Although attitudes towards the traditional courtship have changed, the ultimate goal has remained the same. This period serves as a time for the couple to explore each other and decide if mutual future is workable. While there is no rule book that defines specific actions during courtship, following steps will help you make this period more beneficial and memorable for both of you.

Courtship provides the room for romance and commitment much needed in a relationship.

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Honest Communication

This has been said and read a million times, but the fact is that honest communication is the single most powerful and essential step for building a long lasting relationship. You must refrain from telling those “white lies” or “half truths.” To build trust, talk openly about your feelings and share you daily happenings with your partner. This will help you create a solid foundation for your relationship.

Befriend with Each Others Friends

You learn a great deal about a person when you meet their friends. It is important to interact with these influential people who spend time and advice with your significant other. Therefore, utilize your courtship period to get acquainted with each other’s friends.

Premarital Counseling

During your courtship period, consider a pre-marital counseling session.

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Nathan Gehlert, a professional counselor explains, “No one ever really teaches us about how to be in a relationship with another person, yet your marriage has the potential to be either the biggest source of happiness or distress in your life. A little investment in premarital counseling can go a long way in establishing healthy relationship habits right from the start.” So, during your courtship period, consider a pre-marital counseling session. It will help you and your potential mate to accept each other better and avoid any future conflict or complications.

Quality Time

Courtship is not just about love songs, cheesy cards, and a fortune spent on flowers. It is an important period to create a long lasting bond. The best way is to take time to learn about things that makes your partner happy. For instance, if you mate likes to watch polo, why not purchase tickets and accompany him to the next polo match? Moreover, little gestures like celebrating birthdays and anniversaries are a great way to show that you care.

Don’t Rush into Intimacy

Although I always support love making before marriage and in fact I point you many reasons to do so, rushing into intimacy is not advised. Take some time to sort your own feelings and before you submit, be certain that love is the basic motivation behind your actions. While you may be tempted to get close, hold your horses and act wisely. As your relationship will progress, so will the levels of your intimacy.

Courtship provides the room for romance and commitment much needed in a relationship. Use these tips to build trust and unconditional love that every successful relationship must have.

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