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Frizzy Hair: 5 Ways to Tame Your Mane


Just when you think, your frizzy hair is under control, it rains! The summer fun quickly turns into summer frizz. While a ponytail or a bun seems to be the most common solutions, the good news is, there are few other ways to deal with the flyaways. Here are five frizzy hair rules to follow.

Dry Frizzy Hair

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Right Shampoo

Just because the label reads for damaged hair, does not necessarily mean its better. Wrong shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils, which are great frizz fighters. So, next time you go shopping, make sure to read the ingredients, and opt for the one that contains no sulfate.

Deep Conditioning

Unless you have extremely fine locks, you must deep condition after every wash. This will seal the cuticle of your hair, and will help to tame it by adding an extra layer of protection. Use a moisturizing conditioner for best results; since it’s heavier, it weighs your tresses down a bit more.

Styling Tools

Blow dryers, hot irons, and straighteners during hot humid months are a recipe for disaster. These styling tools cause great damage to your hair due to high amounts of heat. This leads to breakage, and frizzy hair becomes worse.

Get a Hair Spa

Getting a professional hair spa therapy will help you beat that frizz and bring out the beautiful curls that were hiding underneath. Follow it with a good haircut to lessen the anxiety to a great extent.

Grandma’s Formula

Yes, you got it right! Oil you tresses at least twice or thrice a week. A gentle hot oil massage followed by a proper hair wash will help to improve your hair texture. As a thumb rule, apply anti frizz serum when styling.

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Damaged, rough, or frizzy hair, whatever it may be, it’s very important to love what you have. Trust me, only if you will love your locks, you will be able to make it better.

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