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Getting Over a Breakup: 4 Steps to Faster Recovery


Getting over a breakup is easier said than done. It’s an emotionally draining experience especially when you fantasized about your future, had a great time together, and everything seemed to be just perfect. But we beg you to start the process. The time that you waste grieving will end up being lost time. The lost time where you could be happy, really happy.

So to help you feel better and give yourself a fresh start, here are some tricks to faster recovery.

Get Rid of Memories

It’s time to box all those emotional mementoes like teddy bears, photographs and other gifts, and throw them out. If you aren’t quite ready to toss them, at least get them out of sight. And don’t forget to delete his/her number-you don’t want to end up sending drunk texts!

Seek Out Support

Like any other misery, getting over a break up is much easier when you are in the company of your loved ones. Thus, allow yourself to seek the support of those you can vent to and shoulders you can cry on. However, make sure that you don’t end up venting to everyone who will listen, or you will burn through friends fast. Alternatively, you may also consider checking out chat rooms, groups, or books that deal with relationship loss. Not only will you learn something from another’s person’s experience, but you will also realize that you aren’t alone. After all, breakups are like old age-they eventually happen to all of us.

Focus on Yourself

Enrich your life with things that make you happy. Dance, paint, watch movies, take up gardening or whatever. Remember that gorgeous dress you have been eyeing for weeks? Perhaps, it’s time to buy that. Making yourself feel good will boost confidence and help you not sweat the small stuff.

Find Someone Else

Ok, we are not saying that jump into a relationship even before you have grieved the old one. But casually hanging out with a friend or going out on a blind date may help you realize that there are plenty of fishes in the sea. The reality is that many people are able to pull themselves out of the shell if they have someone to pull themselves towards. It does not mean that you should date someone just to feel better, but you should be open to meet someone new.

We know that getting over a breakup is not as easy as updating your relationship status on Facebook-went from being “in a relationship” to “single”. However, these steps will help you to expedite the process and hopefully save the drama too!

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