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9 Habits of women that leave men wondering


Has he ever walked or sulked away in a huff for no rhyme or reason? Chances are that your man is a weirdo or perhaps some of your habits are driving him crazy. Over the years, women have honed habits that continue to develop and leave the poor man thinking. We list a few of those.

Relate everything to herself

It really doesn’t matter if you are discussing about election in the United States or the war in Iraq, women have this mysterious ability to shift every topic on themselves.

Cutlery and Crockery

Women are obsessed with these items. The kitchen is stuffed with serving bowls, salad bowls, eating dishes, teaspoon, tablespoon, desert spoon, big plate, small plate and more. By the time the man zeroes down in which plate he is supposed to eat using which fork, he loses his appetite.

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Even though this issue is as old as humankind and men have learned to make peace with it, they can’t understand that how can women make a habit of something so tiresome?  Still, they have accepted the fact that women love to shop, shop, and shop.

Sharing details with her besties

Goes without saying that women are more talkative than men. But, men wonder what is it that women can chatter about for hours and hours and why they have to share everything with their girlfriends. And if the focus of the conversation is on him it can be really embarrassing for the man.

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Yes means No and No means Yes

This one is probably one of the most annoying habits of women. Men can’t figure out that why do women have to say no when they mean yes, and vice versa. Women and their habits!

Nothing to wear

Whenever there is a party or a celebration, women try every dress in their wardrobe, and then happily declare that they have nothing to wear and need to shop. The male counterpart is left wondering and checking his pockets.

So many pillows

Red pillow, white pillow, floral pillow, big pillow, small pillow. If you just want to cuddle a pillow at night, why not sleep alone. He is better off sleeping on the couch and have more space. Men can’t figure out that why women have to flood the bed with so many pillows. After all, you just need one pillow to put your head on.

Being silent

Either they talk too much and ask questions one after the other or they don’t utter a word. Using silence as a weapon against men is so typical of a woman. This one habit of women scares the hell out of any man.

That massive bag

Ok, its fine that women need to carry a bag around. But, why do they need to carry that massive purse big enough to fit a monument? Guess, it’s just a girly thing!

Of course, not all women are the same. Some have one of these habits, some have none, and some may have all. Habits of women can’t be generalized. But, there follows a trend.

Do let us know through comments if we have missed out something.

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