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How to be a Less Clingy Girlfriend

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This is the era when women almost held up half the sky and have a strong presence in workforce with a prominent career. They are ambitious, achiever, and successful. However, we women have the trait to forget everything else for someone we truly love.

Are you someone who has nothing going on in life except waiting by the door for your husband to come home? Or are you a girlfriend with no agenda of your own except texting/calling your boyfriend every now and then? Everybody loves attention and initially your husband/boyfriend may be happy to find you so much into him. However, in the long run men don’t like it or can even find this attitude suffocating.

“I have nothing else going on in my life except living for you” attitude can turn off a man.

It is important to have your own long-term agendas that can keep you busy and make your time productive. We point you five ways to kick back, relax, and give your man some room to breathe.

 How to be a less clingy girlfriend

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Develop The Habit Of Reading

Cultivate a lifetime reading habit. Reading books bring a radical change in the outlook and overall personality of a being. Besides, in the company of books you never feel alone.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog is a good idea. Just think of that one thing you are passionate about. Is it about looking good or makeup? Then start a beauty blog. Do you like to cook and love to try new recipes? Consider a food blog. Are you a traveler by heart? Then start a travel blog. Your blog will surely engage your time in a productive way and you will no more be labeled as a clingy girlfriend.

Do Some Good For Society, Volunteer In An NGO

Take up any social responsibility by joining an NGO or by teaching the unprivileged children living in your locality or spreading awareness about cleanliness in your nearby slums.Taking up such initiatives gives a feeling of content. Remember ‘a taker can eat better but a giver sleeps better’. Make social responsibility an agenda of your life and enjoy being a giver to society.

Find Out Some Freelance Work

Being financially independent is a bliss. The feeling of spending the money that you earned on your own is great. So why don’t you make use of your academics and skills to find out an online job? Having a part time online job will not only help you to utilize your time productively but will also make you financially independent.

If you are based in the United States, we recommend taking up this survey job online.

Take Up New Hobby

Pastimes are fun. Having a hobby makes you an interesting person. Think of a hobby that might interest you. It can be craft, gardening, wildlife photography, writing short stories, novels, painting, dancing or playing a piano.

Hobbies give you exciting topics to talk about in a gathering.

Remember that your man needs his space. So let him have his space by indulging yourself in something that interests you. Meanwhile, you also enjoy exploring the best in you.

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