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How to Deal With Mood Swings in Woman During Her Period


We can’t agree enough that a woman’s period is surely not a favorite part of the month for both, her and her man. Arguments, mood swings, irritability, tiredness and more make it the worst phase of the relationship every month. Although you can’t do much about it, you can surely learn about ways to deal with mood swings in a woman during her period. We share them with you!

Give Her Love and Attention

You may find your girlfriend to be oversensitive during those days of the month. The easiest way of dealing with it is giving her a lot of love and attention. Consider pampering her with hugs, kisses, or her favorite dish from a food joint. Anything that will make her feel good about herself will instantly help to lift up her mood.

Manage Mood Swings in Woman With Sense of Humor

While your lady is on her period, aim to be an antidote, instead of being an aggravator of her mood swings. Help her reduce stress and her period pain by making her laugh. If you are blessed with a good sense of humor, use it to lighten her mood. This will help to take her mind off from the pain and cramps she must be suffering.

Allow Her to Vent

Believe us or not, an emotional outlet during period can be very healing for your girlfriend. Sometimes mood swings in a woman are only a result of bottled up emotions that are looking for an outlet. So be a good partner and allow her to vent even if it is in the form of a moody rant. Don’t think a lot about them, it’s just a phase!

Help Her With Household Work

mood swings in woman

It’s important for a woman to relax more during her period in order to feel less pain and contractions. So, try giving her a helping hand with daily household work such as washing the dishes, helping out with laundry, or fixing the bed. Believe us, this will not only help to handle her mood swings but will also help to show how much you care.

Keep a Track of Her Menstrual Cycle

This is one of the best ways to deal with mood swings in girlfriend during period. Knowing beforehand when to expect her cycle will help you figure out the reason why she is being so moody. This will definitely help you understand her and treat her differently with care. 

Overall, it’s important to love her and accept that your girl is experiencing hormonal changes. She can’t turn off the bodily realities, so you can either choose to love her for who she is, or get angry when she changes once a month. The choice is yours!

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