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How to Sail Smooth After a Breakup


According to an old adage, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,” but it does not mean that the ‘losing’ part is easy. No matter if you were a dumper or a dumpee, break ups are generally grim and emotional. While, it may not be painless, it’s certainly not impossible to cope up with a situation and make peace with the fact that your romantic relationship has come to an end.

How to deal with break up blues

Accept the reality

There is nothing worse than failing to realize that your relationship is over and you need to move on. You would only make it harder for yourself by trying to salvage a partnership that has seen its days. Continuously calling you ex, desperately trying to repair a situation, denying the break up-such behavior is an inability to accept  rejection and can seriously damage your overall well-being. So, do some favor to yourself and accept the harsh reality; it’s over!

Vent it Out

When a relationship dies out, it’s important to address and express your emotions in order to cope with a situation in a healthy manner. Grieve as much as you want and get it out of your body. Scream into a pillow, cry your eyes out, vent it to your loved ones, or whatever. Grieve and get over or else your negative emotions will fester into much bigger problems later in life. Don’t bury your feelings, they only go deeper.

Don’t Withdraw

Withdrawal is one of the most common effects of a break up. You may want to avoid social activities and spend your maximum time hibernating. However, the truth is that such a response will only make your pain last longer. Alone time is great only if used moderately.

Focus on Yourself

Enrich your life with activities that make you happy. Watch classical movies, paint, take up gardening or whatever. But, remember to do things to better yourself and not to numb yourself. While distracting is a great way to relieve the intensity of grief, doing it for the sake of avoiding pain will only be counterproductive. Throwing yourself into work or partying out every night will not help you overcome the situation; instead, it will delay the inevitable.

Have Faith in Love

Coping up with a breakup is not just about “getting through,” it means living. Though, it may not be a good idea to jump into a relationship even before you have grieved the old one, giving up your faith in love is not advised.

Someone someday would reciprocate your love only if you believe it is there. But, if you push yourself into a shell and cut your soul off from your heart the love will cease to exist.

We understand that coping up with breakup is not as simple as updating your relationship status on Facebook went from being “in a relationship” to” single,”  but if you follow these tips we promise you will sail smooth after your relationship has run its course.

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