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Signs of Infidelity: Is Your Partner’s Relationship Status Married But Available?


Are you getting that gnawing feeling that something isn’t quite right? Do you have an intuition that your partner may be up-to something with someone else? If yes, then your relationship is probably on thin ice. We have compiled a list of few  While not all these signs may imply that your spouse is cheating on you, it is defiantly a warning that something is amiss with your better half.

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Detachment From The Family

If your partner avoids social activities or gatherings, the alarm is ringing. Infidelity of any form always results in lost time with family and friends. Such a sign indicates that your partner is guilty. If your spouse is cheating on you, the lesser he/she gets involved in your circles, the lesser mental anguish he/she will have to endure.

Being Extra Secretive

Is there an unexpected change in your partner’s privacy attitude? Are you suddenly not supposed to know about his/her whereabouts? Is your spouse trying to hide his/her cell phone or is it mostly kept on silent mode? Even the text messages and call history is always deleted? Well, if answers to these questions are yes, this could be a sign that something is going on that does not involve you.

Hesitates Answering Simple Questions

Hesitation is one of the surest sign that your spouse is cheating on you. If he/she turns down simplest of questions or answers them only after being asked twice or thrice, it points towards a mind that’s searching for a story.  Alarm: If your partner gets defensive when being questioned, he/she is trying to hide something or someone.

Long Working Hours

In all possibility, your darling could be working late just because he/she could afford that expensive necklace or gadget you always wanted for your birthday. Though as a rule don’t just assume that your spouse is cheating on you if he/she is staying late at work. But, if you have ruled out other options and it’s not close to your anniversary, birthday, or any other upcoming gift-giving holiday pay attention and be curious. If your gut feeling is telling you something is fishy, go for it, you are probably right.

Lack Of Intimacy

Is she appearing to be suddenly bored by your performance or to be thinking about someone one else when you make love? If there is a noticeable change in this area or you are rarely hitting the sheets, there is defiantly a problem in your partnership. The bitter truth is that unlawful sex is often more exciting. So, if you are no longer able to satisfy her, probably someone else is rubbing her the right way!

While these are some of the most common signs of infidelity, it does not guarantee that your spouse is cheating on you. In my opinion, if at-least 3 of these signs seem to be too familiar, it could be a signal of betrayal. But, as confronting without no evidence can backfire, try to gather some evidence before messing up.

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