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Relationship Advice: Make Your Marriage More Beautiful Than Your Wedding


Each one of us crave for a beautiful wedding, especially all those in courtship constantly think about the big day. From engagement to the wedding day, the couple spends most of their time on the internet searching for a perfect venue, captivating decorations, picture perfect moments and more.

But, have you ever thought that there is a much more significant event than the wedding- “Marriage”?

Relationships advice

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Hours and hours of preparation and detailed planning is required to create a perfect wedding, as just because the couple is in love, a memorable and happening event cannot be created. Then why do we assume that a beautiful marriage can be built just on the bricks of love?

Well, it’s not difficult to name basic ingredients required for a healthy lasting relationship- effective communication, honesty, forgiveness, passion and many more, but what it really takes is a true effort. The effort to make your marriage work! Don’t just blindly hope that it will take care of itself? I read it somewhere; “A good marriage is made up of thousand small kindnesses.”

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Common courtesies like saying thank you and please, offering to make dinner when your partner is tired or stressed can really go a long way in creating a beautiful marriage. Ask yourself, what can you do to show your spouse that you care? How can you become more empathetic towards your partner?

Honest answers to all these questions will help you build a marriage that will surpass the most beautiful weddings.

If you agree, tell us more ways to make marriage beautiful and share your relationship advice through comments.

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