My TOP 9 Halloween Problems every year


While I LOVE halloween, I find that every years it just takes so much work. Rather than help you and give you advice to make it easier, I thought this year that I would just vent and be angry for once, But with 9 days remaining, please don’t hold it against me if I end up heading out to party anyways.

1. Why is the perfect costume for the night is SO HARD to find! Where to start, it’s always impossible I find…like trying to finish my math problems, waiting for the answer to magically burst into your head. If this is not the biggest problem, then I do not know what it.

2. Sometimes worst costumes turn out to be popular, and sometimes the great costume ends up being ridiculous. Bad halloween costumes that turn out great like Ariana Grande Licking a Donut or Talyor Swifts “Bad Blood” squad idea, both should be been bad ideas but you know fashion! Might as well just go with the ol’ vampire throw some sprinkles on your face and show up and see how it goes.

3. Group costumes – so much trouble and someone always bails.​ Some years the whole crew turns up and we look hella cute and get the best photos, but when one or two girl bail I just end up looking like the odd one out… meh! 

Costumes VS weather – wind, rain, snow, and drink spills. ​People that spill their drinks on me, really! I’m going to put that under weather, as it seems its something you can never control. And then I have to take a jacket to keep warm, and my purse to hold my stuff, and then some leggings for when it gets cold. Either you take everything and feel comfortable or you go minimal and make a gamble.

5. Parents!!! Serious, this should have just been #1. When they don’t agree with the outfit, but you know its on point… #devastated ;(

6. Costumes are always excessively expensive! ​ Why do outfits cost so much? Most of them are cheap and imported, they know we only use them for the night and then dispose of them. But I still cant understand why the outfits cost so much, its almost the same price to hit hot topic and buy a nice outfit that works and then get a few accessories to go along. When I buy a costume, I usually try to buy online somewhere cheap.

7. When I DIY my own costume, it always tough to complete. Every costume I see in my IG and Pintrest feed looks soo easy. That typical start with leggings, add a hat, and magically you have a award winning costume. ITS NOT THAT EASY! I have to go out and buy a sewing machine, a have a spare fog machine, access to rolls upon rolls of fabric, and be talented enough to make something of quality??? If the costume is angry and frustrated woman, I think I could pull that off!

8. Always too small, always too big, never fits. umm HELLO, why can’t you just make some adjustable costumes. Most cinch ropes int he middle, adjustable straps up the sides, and maybe.. just maybe I won’t look like a 8 year old girl wearing mommy’s 80’s clothes.

9. Getting a little old to trick-or-treat? Every year it seems to get harder and harder, and when you throw age in as a factor… its almost come to a end. But at the end of the day, just keep your eye on the prize: FREE CANDY.

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Anchal Bhatia
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