Top 5 Party Accessories to Flaunt in 2015

Party Accessories

What is the need to buy a new outfit for every party you attend when you can easily switch the look with inexpensive and chic accessories? Opt for a piece of glittering accessory like sparkling street earrings, a bling clutch, or a pair of sparkly heels to turn heads at parties this season. However, make sure to wear only one or two at a time or you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Party Accessories

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Top 5 party accessories we recommend:

Sparkle Street Earrings

Sparkle street earrings add a touch of elegance to any classic party outfit without looking too flashy. While chandelier or jhumkas cannot be ignored for their positioning and the glam factor they bring, you can always opt for sparkling studs if you shy away from dangling or oversized earrings. But make sure, a quality pair is what you need; it will see through lunches, dinners and also impress the men out there.

Bag it Up

Make a bold statement with a glittering clutch that’s large enough to hold all your party essentials. Toting an eye-catching, sparkling purse also means you can save money and skip those statement jewel pieces.

Pump it Up

When it comes to party accessories, you can never go wrong with a pair of sparkly heels. Invest in a pair of neutral colored pumps to complement almost any solid colored dress. Alternately, heels in eye-popping red will amp up a neutral colored outfit instantly.

Stone Belt

Instead of a regular belt, cinch your waist with a festive, stone belt. The figure flattering scalloped belt is the ‘it’ accessory of the moment, showing off the womanly curves and also spicing up your simple party outfit. And yes, after the entertainment you can always use it to up your casual outfit like dark jeans and a plain tee.

Cocktail Ring

Bold, beautiful, and stylish! What better way is there to feel stunning than to adorn your fingers with an oversized cocktail ring? These are just perfect to add glamour to any outfit, whether you are looking to accessorize a casual party dress or more formal evening attire.

If you are looking for an easy way to shine bright on a small budget this season, these party accessories are for you. Let us know what other options you have to make an impression that lasts!

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