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Personal Hygiene Rules Women Must Follow


Good personal hygiene is the first step to promote good health. It not only helps you feel good, but also protects you and those around you from suffering illness that can arise from poor personal hygiene. Habits such as brushing, flossing, washing hands, bathing, may all look monotonous, but they help to keep the illnesses at bay. We point you five personal hygiene rules that you must follow in order to have a healthy life.

Personal hygiene rule- Hand wash

Personal Hygiene Rule No 1- Dental Care

While good oral hygiene is essential at any stage of life, during pregnancy it is of utmost importance. Changes in your hormone levels during pregnancy, coupled with poor oral hygiene can put you at risk for gingivitis. So, pregnant or not as a thumb rule brush your teeth twice a day, floss once daily, and see your dentist regularly to avoid decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

Personal Hygiene Rule No 2- Laundry

Wear your panty and bra only once before you wash them. Use a mild detergent to wash your underclothes, so that you do not put yourself at risk of infection and irritation in that area. If possible, change your underwear twice daily. Wearing the same underwear for long can make it soggy and moisture is the storehouse of infections. Be sure not to wear tight intimates; cotton is a preferred material.

Personal Hygiene Rule No 3- “Down There”

Cleaning your intimate areas is perhaps the most important personal hygiene rule that every woman must follow. Ironically, this one area is most often neglected. Women genitals are very sensitive and require special attention and care. Using only water or soap is not sufficient to maintain proper vaginal hygiene. Instead, branded feminine wash is a must to prevent irritation, itchiness, dryness, and infection. Simply use it daily during bathing, after urination, and every time after you make love.

Personal Hygiene Rule No 4- Your Tresses

While shampooing your hair daily is not recommended as it strips hair of its natural oils, washing your tresses every 2-3 days is important to keep your hair and scalp healthy. If you suffer from dandruff or lice, then take necessary action at the earliest. Also, it’s essential that you get your hair trimmed regularly.

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Personal Hygiene Rule No 5- Trim Your Nails

Keeping your finger and toenails trimmed will help your prevent problems such as hand nails and infected nail beds. While occasional manicures and pedicures are fine, make sure to trim your nails weekly and brush them daily with soap to ensure no dirt or residue remains beneath the nails.

These are five personal hygiene rules that we advise every woman must follow. Do let us know through comments if you have anything else to add.

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