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How to Plan a Romantic Getaway on a Budget

Romantic getaway on a budget

Whether you want to reignite the sexual fire in your relationship or just want to skip town with your loved one for a week or two, it may be time to hit the road. The weather, time together, the tempting day dreams of exotic locations and fruity cocktails all make hitting the road pretty appealing. The unappealing part? The cost of travelling during the peak season. But don’t fret. We have got your covered. Here are some tips to plan a budget friendly romantic getaway.

Romantic getaway on a budget

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Take a Road Trip

A road trip is an ideal way to enjoy long conversations with your partner while exploring the world together. Pick a destination not more than three to four hours away from home. Look for a small town in your region which has something special to offer such as a historic site, a winery, or a great restaurant. If you are looking to reignite the sexual fire, hit a secluded road and make out on the back seat of your car. Not to mention that road trips are much cheaper as they save you loads on airline tickets.

Look for a Package Deal

When it comes to travelling, putting all your eggs in one basket can rather work in your favor. Purchasing air tickets, accommodations, sightseeing, car rental and more together will not only save you money but also time and effort.

Find Alternatives to Expensive Hotels

If you can sacrifice the luxurious amenities like spa treatments and room services, you can save a lot by skipping the hotel. Get adventurous and consider small apartments or bread and breakfast as an option. In fact, renting an apartment will not only cut your accommodation and food bill, you can also enjoy living like a local for the duration of your trip. To make your getaway more romantic, settle in for a night of pampering. Forget the expensive spa’s and treat each other to a full body massage. If possible, run a bubble bath together. Relax in the bed the next day.

Overall, a romantic getaway does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. All it requires is a little planning and creativity. If possible, take time to plan ahead so that you get a clear vision of what you want and at the same time not miss out on the great deals.

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