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Preparing For Divorce: Important Steps You Need To Take


The end of a marriage and the decision to get a divorce can be one of the most painful and challenging moments in someone’s life. Emotionally and financially, divorce can be distressing for all the people involved. This not only includes the couple, but also their children, loved ones and friends. This is why it’s important for people contemplating divorce to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families for the future.

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In this article, we provide a few practical tips to consider when contemplating the decision to get a divorce.

Educate Yourself

Divorce is often a long and complicated process. Educating yourself about the process as well as its implications, in the country or state you live in is important to help you gain a more realistic expectation of your situation and reduce complications. You can access excellent books on divorce from your public library, or you can also browse resources on the Internet that provide helpful information on the topic. However, remember that not all information online may be accurate or up-to-date, so it’s important to begin your research in reliable family law websites.

Important Documents

It’s essential that you collect and copy important files and financial records, and find a safe place to store them. It may be in a safety deposit box, or a trusted family member or friend. Documents that you should gather include your marriage licence, tax returns, bank account statements, business records, mortgage information, life insurance policies, lists of assets and liabilities, and your legal binding financial agreement. Don’t forget to include the names and contact details of your insurer, brokerage firm and bank. These records will assist your legal adviser and you.

Establish a Strong Support Network

Individuals contemplating divorce can be put under a lot of stress. It’s important to establish a strong support network that can provide encouragement and guidance at this difficult time. Trusted family members and friends can be invaluable for support, however, if you feel uncomfortable confiding in them about your situation, or are experiencing difficulty coping, seek assistance from your medical practitioner.

Consult a Family Lawyer

Whilst it is possible to file a divorce application and proceed through the process without the aid of a lawyer, getting the right advice from an experienced family lawyer at an early stage may save you time and give you piece of mind. Experienced lawyers can walk you through the entire process, represent you should a hearing be necessary and help you negotiate the terms of your settlement. Furthermore, a lawyer with a background in family law mediation will also be able to assist you in resolving financial and child-related disputes without the need for costly and lengthy court proceedings.

The breakdown of a marriage is traumatic for most people but there are things you can do to minimise the stress and help you move on with your life. If you feel that your relationship may be beyond repair and is headed for divorce, consider the steps outlined above to save yourself time, and potentially the financial and emotional stress.

Author bio: Debra Wright doesn’t say much, but when she does, she prefers to write it down. Among the things she’s written are helpful how-to’s and interesting insights on family law and relationship advice.

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