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4 Secrets Married Couples Should Not Share With Friends


Sharing your deepest and darkest secrets with your friends is often considered an indication of true friendship. According to television trend, be it Friends or Desperate Housewives, Seinfeld or Glee, friends on TV know everything about each other. However, in real life married couples should not share some things with friends. Here is a list of marriage secrets that even your best friends do not need to know.

4 Secrets Married Couples Should Not Share With Friends

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Your Debt Details

It is very normal for a married couple to be in debt, but to disclose details about how much or to whom you owe is really not required. In fact, letting your friends know the amount of your debt can speak volumes about your financial stability. Why give your friends a reason to judge you as a couple?

Your Private Moments

Intimacy is a personal affair. We understand that it can be exciting to discuss its with your buddies but, some details like his favorite position are better left untouched. You certainly do not want people to whisper behind your back. Do you? Then why make it public!

Friends Your Partner Cannot Stand

It is not necessary that all your friends get a green signal from your partner. It is perfectly alright if your better half dislikes some of your friends. But, this does not mean that you should tell him/her about this fact. Don’t let your marriage hamper your friendship. On the other hand, to maintain a healthy relationship with your life partner, respect his likes and dislikes.

Your Fights

A little complaining is fine, in fact, it’s good to lighten your heart with your friends when your darling is driving you crazy, but do not overdo it. If you convince your friends that your partner is not worth your time and is a jerk, they will not forget it for the lifetime. By doing this you will give them a reason to point fingers on your relationship. As a married couple, you should not share things with friends that can tarnish the image of your partner.

Life is already so much on display, why make your married life public. Consider keeping these secrets with yourself for the sake of your relationship.

Are there any other secrets according to you that married couples should not share with friends?

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