The Hottest Trends in Eyewear for 2016

Trends in Eyewear

With the beginning of the New Year, the latest eyewear trends are hitting the stores straight from the catwalk. So, why not treat yourself to a new pair that will not only protect your precious eyes from the sun’s glare but will also bring your outfits to a new and interesting level of chic. Not sure what’s trending right now? Here is a list of hottest trends in eyewear for the year 2016.

Trends in Eyewear

Oversized sunglasses are in

While you might like tiny glasses, oversized is the one that rules the runway for 2016, just like oversized clothing is totally in fashion these days. Somehow, there is something about a pair of glasses covering up half your face and making the other features appear small. Don’t you thinks so?

Cat-eye is here to stay  

Cat eye has been a notable look in the eyewear trend for many years now and 2016 is not going to be any different. With the slight upswept corners of the frames, these pairs feminize the eye and flatter the cheekbones. It’s usually a staple for any season, now having turned into an evergreen trend that rarely leaves the runway.

Rounded eyewear

When it comes to trends in eyewear, rounded ones aren’t left behind. They made its way onto the runway this year and are expected to be a hit. With vivid and flashy outfits, round pairs will help to add a smooth finish and create a well-balanced look. Want to stay a step ahead? Team up your cat-eye with a round frame and flaunt the best of both worlds.

Clear lenses have gone viral

Well, not all glasses are made for the sun. There is this clear lenses set against some spectacular frames were spotted on the runaways. Clear lenses slightly tinted in peach with a copper double wire frame are definitely something to enjoy. And of course, who can wrong with a frame painted in gold having a shimmering effect.

Overall, big, bold, and beautiful are the three words that best describe the eyewear trend for 2016. But as opposed to the sun protection, style will be the main reason you will wear them this year.

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